MC Lit & Rhetoric – Thursday, September 28th

Book talk & Indie read.  “Lab” day.

Choices & Priorities:

  1. Finalize your paper (the QW/MB expansion we looked at in group on Monday). Make it teacher-ready, ensure it has a fitting title, and make sure it is in the Dropbox folder you share with Mrs. C by end of school day Monday.
  2. Look for a rap song (must be “text-rich” and not entirely inappropriate) and bring it to class tomorrow.  Print it out or email Mrs. C to be printed.  We will be unraveling the “moves” rappers make.
  3. Check out class blog entries on GCHSClassof’18Blog and see yourself in print.  Be sure to check out the links to secondary connections like songs, poems, and videos.


  • Rap song needed TOMORROW.
  • “Teacher-ready” essay in Dropbox by end of school 10/2.

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