MC Lit & Rhetoric – Wednesday, September 13th

Book talk & Indie read.  Notebook writing:  Choose a line.  Find a spot worth repeating – copy it verbatim into your notebook (include the page #) – then use the tips from yesterday about building a good notebook entry to build an entry based on this quotable moment.  Why is it important, what does it mean, what do you think, etc?

BLOG ASSIGNMENT #1:  You’ll be writing a commentary and searching for a secondary connection to another artistic work (poem, song, video, etc.)  You many work with a partner or by yourself.  (Partners must be reading the same lit circle text, but do NOT have to be in the same class period – can be in 3 or 5).

BLOG ASSIGNMENT #1 – click here

Deadlines:  Resubmit notebooks for more points by end of school day Friday.  THIS TIME ONLY you can add on or make up missed entries.

Keep reading!  Lit. circle finish goal is Friday 9/15 (or at least over the weekend 🙂 )



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