Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, September 1st

Book talks & Indie read.  Quickwrite #7:  What’s in the Box?  Rhetoric definitions – what is rhetoric discussion.  Memory book preview (next week’s writing will be either a memory book chapter or a quickwrite expansion).

Assignment:  Look up the reader/writer statements of your WRITE CLUB group members.  Read them and leave a comment on each (thoughtfully & respectfully).

Fall Semester WRITE CLUB Groups

1st Hour

  • Grant C., David H., Kat S., Hannah W.
  • Jace F., Megan K., Haley Y., Gabby L.
  • Drew H., Matt W., Emma V., Grace V.
  • Sam R., Olivia P., Carlee D., Katelynn W.
  • Hector L., Lauren B., Lexi B., Caitlyn P.

2nd Hour

  • Grant B., Fiona G., Brooke M., Isaiah M.
  • Dylan B., Aaron W., Leeah P., Gerri M.
  • Juan M., Tyler T., Kayla B., Sabrina E.
  • Michael Z., Drew W., Rebecca G., Megan B.
  • Oliver M., Alec K., Baylee R., Kobey R.
  • Jack B., Jack E., Mackenzie B.

7th Hour

  • Kyle C., Joseph M., Payton T., Viktoria J.
  • John K., Madaleine T., Kim M., Adam M.
  • Bailey W., Cody T., Mariah V., Emily S.
  • Evan W., Maya W., Alex M., Gabby B.
  • Scott S., Brooke H., Courtney L., Meredith G.


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