English 8A – Friday, May 5th

Book talk & Indie read.  Quickwrite #40: Article + lyrics. Memory book work time with Q & A.

To clarify Memory Book expectations:  Use the checklist (5/3) as the final say-so in WHAT goes in the final book – these are the CORRECT #s.  Use the 8a memory book handout for focus page & reflection details.  Use the 7a memory book handout for chapter #s and titles/topics for the full-length (part I) chapters.


  • MB Focus pages in-class Monday 5/8
  • Optional Hamlet RA revisions by 5/11


  • Think about the Memory Book – REREAD the handouts!!  (posted again on last Friday’s (4/28) post – just in case)
  • Final version of your Memory book will be due IN CLASS on Monday 5/15 – NO EXCEPTIONS!

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