English 8A – Monday, March 27th

Book talk & Indie read.  Quickwrite #35:  Dream narrative.  Thoughts on word use:  Crash Course philosophy #27 – Implicature.  Review of required pieces of your multi-genre paper:  research “argument,” preface / dear reader (an intro to YOUR paper, a look into your topic), poetry (video: “what makes a poem a poem?” TedEd), flash fiction (videos: “flash fiction: a quick snapshot” & “3 tips for writing a great flash-fiction story”), photo-essay (check the handout from last week for tips and/or look for examples online – still note the parameters of THIS specific assignment requires a sizable amount of text, not just photos).  Review of this week’s schedule:  Lab Tuesday & Wednesday, WRITE CLUB Thursday & Friday.


  • 10 pages minimum draft of multi-genre on Thursday in WRITE CLUB (preparedness points earned)
  • Quotable mentions (song lyrics) letters D – I by 4/7
  • Sign up for conference times beginning tomorrow. Conferences next week Apr. 3 – 6.

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