English 8A – Thursday, January 12th

Book talk & Indie read.  Article #4 and quickwrite-response (QWR) #8.  Intro and info about the Article Commentary (1st writing assignment).  Choose from the 4 articles from your hour or check out the articles read in other hours.  If you want to find your own recent article from TheAtlantic.com,  you can, but be sure to get approval from Mrs. C.

  • Why Trump’s Conflicts of Interest Matter
  • When Women Run Companies
  • The Sexism They Faced
  • Ending Extracurricular Privilege
  • How Praise Became a Consolation Prize
  • Sneakers Have Always Been Political Shoes
  • How Comedy Became Education’s Best Critique
  • How University Costs Keep Rising Despite Tuition Freezes
  • Where the ‘Bad Kids’ Go to School
  • The New Reality TV
  • The Link Between Race and Solitary Confinement
  • Why the Technology in Rogue One Is So Old-Fashioned

Assignment:  Choose the article you want to respond to (print it if you don’t already have it), and then annotate it looking for quotes you might use in your paper next week.

Deadline:  SEARCH IT!  notebook research due by Feb. 1st.

Be sure to straighten up Dropbox and submit writing for the SIUE contest.


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