Bullets Questionnaire for an EXCELLENT Portfolio – English 7A

  • Is there a folder (in our shared folder) titled FALL PORTFOLIO? (If you leave other docs in Dropbox, that’s fine or you can move them out of the shared folder – to clean things up).
  • IS there a “Dear Mrs. C / Dear Reader,” letter that shows honesty, thought, and reflection? (Does it look like a letter?)
  • Are there EIGHT properly labeled documents in the FALL PORTFOLIO folder?
  • Do all EIGHT papers have properly formatted ABSTRACTS that introduce or give “writerly” info about the content and/or writing of the paper? (They should all be a little individual.)
  • Are all EIGHT papers FREE of Mrs. C’s commentary?
  • Are all documents formatted MLA Style (includes spacing, font, header page #s, top info, etc.)?
  • Did you FLAG submission 5 with SUB5 & is it the appropriate type of piece (MB or QW) to bring balance to your submissions?
  • IF, and only IF, you revised your rhetorical analysis SIGNIFCANTLY – did you put RV behind its document name?

If the answer to these is YES, then congratulations – you have completed your fall portfolio!  I look forward to checking out your work.

-Mrs. C = )


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