English 7A – Wednesday, November 16th

Book talks & Indie read.  Lesser punctuation marks:  ellipses, brackets, braces, slashes, and angle brackets (Skyward quiz opens today). Submission 3 w/ feedback uploaded – see comments & revise if you’d like.  (Contact Mrs. C w/ questions or if you want a conference time next week). More: Art of Rap. 


  • Skyward quiz – lesser punctuation closes Sun. 11/20 at 11:59pm
  • Rhetorical Analysis paper – draft #1 & BEFORE sheet due IN CLASS Mon. 11/21
  • “Quotable” mentions for last names T-Z due 11/23
  • Submission 3 Revisions by Sun. 11/27 – Flag with RV in the document title
  • Ongoing – booktalk preparation & blog post

Example of how your lyrics might look after annotation and highlighting for appeals/RLaW:   lovethewayyoulie-ra-annotation-example




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