English 7A – Thursday, October 20th

It’s the National Day on Writing!  We’ll meet in lab 268 and start with Quickwrite #18.  QW #18:  Choose any one piece from your notebook and write at least 2 new beginnings.  Experiment.  Be different.  (Use the handout “Lead” by Donald Murray for ideas of different kinds of openings if you’d like.)  Then, use remaining time to work on your Mid-term Portfolio (MTPF).

Notes on MTPF:  Basically, the point of this assignment is three-fold. 1) It’s a way to collect all the pieces you’ve completed this semester in one organized location.  2) It provides reflection on some of the main component of this course.  3) It prepares you for the bigger task of your final portfolio at semester’s end (essentially your final grade in the course which everyone must complete).  You can download the “Dear Mrs. C” Q&A sheet below.  Fill in your answers, save with the appropriate document title, and upload into your MTPF.  Also, be sure you are exact and meticulous in putting together your portfolio.  Follow the directions, and ask questions if needed.



  • Mid-term Portfolio / upload next “teacher-ready” SUB#3 by end of Sunday 10/23
  • “Quotable” mentions for last names J – N by Wednesday 10/26

Upcoming:  A new piece next week (3 day week) w/ lab on Tues. 10/25 & WRITE CLUB Wed. 10/26


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