Submission #1 Feedback & Revision

Follow these directions and tips to check out your instructor’s feedback and learn to manage revision.

  1. Go to our shared Dropbox folder and DOWNLOAD the paper with WFB on the end of the document title.  (You’ll need to open in Word as I didn’t use the Dropbox  comment feature).
  2. Check out the comments in the right hand column.
  3. Step away.  It takes time to digest feedback and sometimes more than one read through to understand and/or accept it.  (That’s OK)
  4. Return to the paper when you are ready to make changes.
  5. Sometimes it’s easier to address simple “fixes” first.  Clean up little errors; go back through and watch for other instances of the same kinds of mistakes.
  6. Delete the comments by switching to the “review” tab at the top.  (You can eliminate them one at a time or wait and get rid of them all at once.)
  7. Tackle the big items – the content, the organization, the beginning, ending, the “and then. . . ” feel, etc.
  8. Watch out.  Changes in one place sometimes necessitate changes in other places.  Unfortunately revision can be messy and there are NO guarantees.

When you’ve revised to a point you are content, reread your work and don’t forget to save it.  When it’s ready for review, UPLOAD again to our shared folder.  Make sure to change the flag on the document title from WFB to RV to indicate that revisions have been made to the paper.

Details on earning extra points are on the Grading of Writing page (here on the website) or can be located on the back of your class syllabus.

Deadline for re-submitting SUB1 as “LastnameMB#SUB1RV” or “LastnameQW#SUB1RV” is Wednesday 10/12.

Get serious about revising – you can thank me later. . . or not.

– Mrs. C = )


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