English 7A -Most Common BlogPosting Mistakes…

If you were having problems posting, here are the most frequent mistakes students are making.

  1. Send an E-Mail. There is no way to post from wordpress or Dropbox.
  2. E-Mail the SECRET ADDRESS, not Mrs. C. (and the address HAS to be EXACT)
  3. To find the assignment, check the GCHSClassof ’17Blog.  There is a link on the mrsconnollysclass site.  On the full version (PC or laptop) it is on the right column.  If you are working on a mobile device (phone or tablet) scroll down to find the links.
  4. Be sure to type the category coding exactly – because it is coding.  The easiest way to do this is to copy and paste from the entry with the assignment on it.
  5. Find the topic by scrolling down for what seems like forever, or narrow your search by category, choosing “Topics.”
  6. Please note that parentheses (  ) and brackets  [  ] are NOT the same item of punctuation.

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