Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, January 11th

Book Talk & Indie Read

STUDY/NOTES: MLA Citation Basics – cont’d (find these slides & a video talk-through in GClassroom as material – start about 07:45 in the video today)

Quickwrite/Notebook #4: Read “11:20” by Michael Paterniti from Love and Other Ways of Dying. Then take some notes / do some thinking using a 4-part note structure. (“They Say” – summarize what it’s about. Quote – quote something vebatim. I Say – react with your own commentary. Question – think big picture, what do you wonder? how can you make this relevant?)

TO-DO: Finish these notes for class tomorrow. Read something awesome.

**Figure out your e-storm account if you haven’t yet. See Mrs. C if you are still having issues.

English 8 – Wednesday, January 11th

Book Talk & Indie Read

STUDY: What makes writing “good”? A look at student essays where we’ll evaluate them and try to determine what makes writing effective. Step 1 today – read and evaluate.

ASSINGMENT/DEADLINE: Letter to the teachers due in Dropbox no later than end of day Monday 1/16.

TO-DO: If you haven’t completed Dropbox set-up and folder share, please do so. See instructions above at the “Dropbox Set-Up” tab (follow directions).

English 8 – Tuesday, January 10th

Book Talk & Indie Read

Quickwrite #3: “Why Grades Shouldn’t Exist” – Alfie Kohn (watch the video and share your thoughts)

SET-UP: Create a Dropbox account. Create and folders with Mrs. C. Find instructions at the “Dropbox Set Up” tab above.

TO-DO: Finish Dropbox folders (if you didn’t in class) & read more!

Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, January 9th

Indie Read

Quickwrite #3: Boredom / “I’m Bored”

Course overview/trajectory: where we were ➼ where we at ➼ where we go next + syllabus overview

Watch: “Why Boredom is Good for You” by Veritasium

BONUS READING/THINKING: How (and why) to Practice Boredom by Shaunta Grimes – medium.com

FOR TOMORROW: Bring your Social Security #, SWIC ID #, and Date of Birth to sign up for your E-Storm account

Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, January 5th

Welcome to class!

Read Aloud: Also an Octopus by Maggie Tokuda-Hall & Benji Davies

Indie Read

Quickwrite #1: “Hands” by Sarah Kay – watch the poem, trace your hand, and do some thinking on the page about your hands (example below)

Take a survey: Answer 3 questions about last semester’s WRITE CLUB (find it on GClassroom)