Virtual Office Hours

At some point, you will need to stop in to virtual office hours.  We can use this time to talk about your writing, meet in groups, make assignments more clear, talk about books, or just to check in.  If you are just unsure of how to use zoom, don’t let that be a barrier.  Follow the directions below:

  1. Download the zoom app on your device (it’s free in your app store)
  2. NO. You do not need to make an account.
  3. During call times, go to the email that has the invite (I sent it a couple of weeks ago, but will send the link out again tomorrow), and click the link to join.
  4. You can turn on the video (or not) – but you’ll need to turn on the audio to be heard.
  5. It will put you in a virtual waiting room and Mrs. C will let you in when it’s your turn. That simple!

Don’t think you are a bother.  I LOVE to hear from you!!!