Let’s share book recommendations on Twitter!

Recommend awesome books by tweeting about them with the hashtag #warriorsread and be sure to @ @ReadWarriors.  Then follow @ReadWarriors to see what classmates are suggesting.

  1. Use your own Twitter or make one just for this (if you want to keep it separate) – make sure your handle is school appropriate 🙂
    • If your twitter is set to private, you might want to just make a separate public one
  2. If you don’t have a twitter, set one up – it’s FREE (and you don’t have to use it for anything else)
  3. Include either a “shelfie” (that’s a pic of you with the book) OR just the book cover (you can take a pic or download one from online

You’ll need one tweet per quarter but you are welcome to tweet more!  Share the books you finish.