“Quotable” Mentions – Fall Semester

As you read independently, keep an eye out for spots of “awesomeness.”  Depending on the first letter of your last name, you will have window of time in which to complete the QBAP sheet with your quote, book, author, and page number.  Turn it in to Mrs. C when complete.

Three requirements & one special note:

  1. Find your section to quote in a book you are reading or have read recently.  There’s a reason this author warranted publication – you’ll find some brilliant spots.  No need to go internet searching for quotes.
  2. Try not to double up.  Find your own section to mention, NOT the one your friend chose.
  3. Add a picture.  Take a selfie or have a friend grab a shot of you with the book from which you’ve quoted.  Print it out (2 x 2 or 2 x 3 is big enough) and attach it in the top right corner.  Claim your quote.
  4. A QUOTE doesn’t have to be in quotation marks/dialogue.  (I mean, it can be, but it doesn’t have to be.)  Anything copied directly from the book – VERBATIM – is perfect.

Have fun checking out the quotes posted by your classmates when they make their debut on the wall outside!  🙂


Due Dates Fall 2018

  • Last names A – G by Nov. 9
  • Last names H – O by Nov. 30
  • Last names P – Z by Dec. 14