“Quotable” Mentions – Spring Semester

As you research independently, keep an eye out in song lyrics you encounter for spots of “awesomeness.”  Depending on the first letter of your last name, you will have window of time in which to complete the Q/LAS sheet with your quote/lyric, artist, and song.  Turn it in to Mrs. C when complete.

Requirements & special notes:

  1. Find your section to quote in a song you legitimately listen to – for real.  There’s a reason you listen to this song or artist or style of music – you’ll find some brilliant spots.  No need to go internet searching for quotes.
  2. Try not to double up.  Find your own song or lyric to mention, NOT the one your friend chose.
  3. Be sure to quote accurately (word for word)  – VERBATIM.
  4. You may NOT choose a lyric you used for your SEARCH IT!

Have fun checking out the lyrics posted by your classmates when they make their debut on the wall outside!  🙂

Due Dates Spring 2018

  • Last names S – Z
  • Last names L – R
  • Last names E – K
  • Last names A – D