English 8 – Notebook Checklist

HOW TO USE:  Find a list below of all this semester’s notebook entries (notes & quickwrites) listed in order by date.  To access the video or writing we viewed/read, etc., go back to the main site mrsconnollysclass.com and scroll down to the class post from that day.  (Initially it will only show 10 days back, but you can choose “older posts” below that to go back further.  You can also make it easier/faster to scroll back by using the categories list on the right hand side of the screen to filter for JUST your class.) *If you need to fill in items you missed and didn’t leave room, don’t worry–just use the next page available and be sure to label clearly which writing it is. 


  • ✅ QW#1: 1/5 What’s in the box? (image)
  • ✅ QW#2: 1/6 Missing Spoons (image)
  • ✅ QW#3: 1/10 “Why Grades Shouldn’t Exist” – Alfie Kohn (video)
  • 🔃 1/13 – Initial Reading Rate Calculation
  • ✅ QW#4: 1/13 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your ____________
  • ✅ NOTES: 1/17 What is Essay? (group collaboration)
  • ✅ QW #5: 1/18 Indelible Moment
  • ✅ NOTES: 1/18 Truths About Writing
  • ✅ RLaW: 1/19 Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak – annotate findings
  • ✅ QW #6: 1/23 Table Topics – Indie Read Questions