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Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, August 30th

Book talk.  SWIC course registration.  Quickwrite #6:  Missing Spoons photo.  Blogpost #1 – blogging by email demo.  The rhetorical situation notes.  Definitions of rhetoric.

Scholarly Definitions of Rhetoric

Assign:  Read through the definitions sheet & rank your top 3 faves (1,2,3). Be ready to defend it.

Deadline: Blogpost #1 due Thurs. 8/31 (that means by 11:59pm)


English 8A – Logging into JSTOR through SWIC Library


  • Go to SWIC library to search databases
  • Choose the subject database link (choosing JSTOR at this point won’t let you login)
  • Scroll down under Arts to JSTOR
  • At the verification screen, login with your SWIC ID# and password

If you don’t know your password:

  • Go to  Estorm
  • Choose reset/change password
  • Follow directions to get a temporary password
  • Use it to log in and reset
  • Go back to  Estorm
  • Log in again to make sure it works

Then go back to the library and try logging in again.

SWIC Dual Credit Email Notice

If you are a dual credit English 8A student, please check out your SWIC email address and be sure to forward it to an email you actually check on occasion.

  1. Search Estorm
  2. Choose Student Email
  3. Look down the page for “What to I do if I forget my password?”
  4. Note the info on the default password
  5. Click the link for Office 365 at the top of the page
  6. Use the default password to log-in (it may prompt you to make a new password)
  7. Choose settings and search for “forward”
  8. Input the email address you want to forward to

If you have already set up an Estorm log-in, it will be your password.  If you set one up but forgot it, use the link provided at “What to do if I forget my password?” to reset it.

*Having a log-in is IMPORTANT because this same log-in password will be used for not just email, but also logging into SWIC’s library databases, which you WILL NEED later this semester to conduct research.