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Young Authors Submission Request

Our GCHS Young Authors’ Club wants your work to showcase in their published book for this school year.  Submit any pieces you’ve written that show promise, creativity, excellence –  and get published!

It looks great on an academic resume, and it’s a great way to share your ideas with the world!

To submit:

  • Attach your work to an email and send it to
  • Fill out the waiver below in case your piece is accepted for publication.
  • royalty-release-form
  • To turn in waivers – either scan and attach to email or turn them in to room 280.

Questions?  See Ms. Sullivan in GCHS room 280.


English 1 – Thursday, December 8th

Book talk & Indie read.  Travel to the lab to complete the 5 essentials survey and the comma quiz (on Skyward).  If you didn’t get a chance to take, finish, or submit the quiz, do so by Sunday night.

More presentations tomorrow – be ready!

English 1 – Monday, December 5th

Book talk & Indie read.  Visit from published sci-fi fantasy author J.T. Hartke.


  • Mockingbird connection papers in shared Dropbox folders by end of day 12/5
  • Commas practice work due tomorrow
  • Presentation: presenting one of your papers – begins tomorrow, BE READY!

English 1 – Friday, December 2nd

Book trailers & Indie read (collect Mockingbird books).  Commas:  group work to add missing commas and figure out WHY??  Info on presentations that start next Tuesday.

Assignment:  Complete the comma practice w/ Harry Potter excerpt.  For all commas used, label the REASON the comma is needed.  Due on Tuesday 12/6.

Deadline:  “Teacher-ready” Mockingbird connection paper due in shared Dropbox folder by end of school day Monday, 12/5. (see pink sheet for details).

Upcoming:  Presentations start Tuesday, 12/6 – schedule will be random.

English 1 – Thursday, December 1st

Book talks & Indie read.  Digital paper updates with handout.  Commas – why do we need them?  What happens to the reader when we don’t provide them?  Basic comma rules w/ examples.  Presentations:  intro – 4 elements of a good presentation.  (Don’t kid yourself.  MOST of you will have to talk in front of people at some point in your “real” life.)


  • Mockingbird connection paper – end of school day Monday 12/5
  • Optional revisions on the quickwrite paper – end of day Wednesday 12/

English 1 – Tuesday, November 29th

Book talk.  Lab Day.  Take the 5 Essentials survey and then work on your paper.

You need a typed draft of the Mockingbird connections paper in class tomorrow.  See Mrs. C for media passes if needed, and email your paper if you need it printed out.