English 1 – Thursday, October 20th

It’s the National Day on Writing!  We’ll meet in the lab (268) and write our second paper.  For this one, expand any quickwrite from your notebook to be a “full” piece.  (Not the flashwrites we used for paper #1).  Rework or expand your ideas to create  a piece of writing roughly 1 1/2 pages in length (typed, double-spaced).*

*Be sure to use MLA format. See the MLA formatting page if you need help setting up your paper.

You WILL need three copies of a draft of this paper IN CLASS tomorrow.  Either print it out OR upload it into our shared Dropbox folder, and I can print it for you. – Mrs. C = )


  1. Upload to DropBox IN the shared folder.  (Don’t “share” the document – UPLOAD the document)
  2. IF you need Mrs. C to print, send an email to jennifer.connolly@gcsd9.net asking for your paper to be printed.

Being prepared tomorrow is WORTH points!!


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