English 1 – Wednesday, September 7th

Book talk & Indie read.  Quickwrite #7:  “Missing Spoons” Discussion/Instructions:  writing assignment.  MLA formatting preview.

Your first paper should focus on Music + You – big picture “how music affects you.”  Choose ONE of your 11 flashwrite topics and expand it into a 1- 2 page TYPED draft that takes the reader “into” your experience.  Be sure you use whatever format fits the content (not 5 paragraph because of habit).  It is okay to use “I” and there is NO rule for the amount of sentence a paragraph can have or must have.  Just tell the story well, like it needs to be told.  Ask yourself why it matters.  What is there to learn from your experience(s) with music?

Even though it is a draft, it NEEDS to be typed (hence the trip to the lab tomorrow).  You’ll need 3 copies of your paper printed out for class on FRIDAY.  Unprepared students will lose points!

Meet in lab #268 tomorrow.  Bring your indie read in case you finish early.  Bring a flashdrive if you think you will need to save the paper to finish at home.


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